Met-Chem provides engineering services and offers the mining industry expertise at every stage of the life cycle of a project, from mining exploration, mining & metallurgical operations to site closure.

Engineering services

for mining and industrial sectors



approach and commitment

Met-Chem is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DRA Group. Met-Chem Canada is committed to perform quality engineering services to mining and industrial sectors with a strong client focus in order to achieve client satisfaction. Met-Chem's challenge is to accomplish this objective through the ethical pursuit of high standards of excellence while providing its employees with a rewarding work environment and fostering a high level of personal achievement.

Met-Chem's team mission goes beyond accomplishment of the technical task; it also includes establishing a long-term relationship with its clients based on expertise and trust. Met-Chem's commitment to quality extends not only to Met-Chem's clients and employees, but also to suppliers and members of local communities. 

Met-Chem's team consists of a talented and experienced staff of engineers, technicians and project management personnel with extensive world-wide experience. Met-Chem's philosophy emphasises client participation in all phases of a project in order to ensure client satisfaction.

Met-Chem will make a positive impact on the community it works in, and will endeavour to nurture it.



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