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Pit Design and Mining Development

Whether mining iron ore, phosphates, gold, coal, base metals, bauxite or industrial minerals and independent of the mine size and complexity of the deposit, Met-Chem's team is capable of determining the optimum pit based on its extensive experience. Many configurations can be assessed to achieve the optimum design using computer simulation. Met-Chem brings an innovative approach to each project assisting clients to be competitive in the world marketplace.

Computer software is used to optimize the open-pit design and to establish the pit limits. First, the economic pit limits are calculated using floating cone or Lerch-Grossman techniques. These limits are obtained from cut-off grades, stripping ratios, and the economic value of each block within the deposit. The access road is then added to the pit in an interactive manner permitting the design engineer to determine the optimum path to minimize hauling distances and stripping ratios. This is done while taking into account the environmental, geotechnical and operating constraints to arrive at an overall optimal design.