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Construction Management Activities

Met-Chem's construction management activities are based on a broad range of successfully completed projects in North America and around the world. Many projects were in excess of $100 million of constructed value.

Met-Chem by respecting their ISO-9001 procedures can obtain the required control and deliver services of excellent quality.

Met-Chem's construction team concentrates all efforts to accomplish the goals of a construction project by successfully organising the following:

  • Coordinating site safety in compliance with local safety codes, Met-Chem's own experience, and good working practices;
  • Having the proper manpower to supervise and coordinate all site activities and contractors, and to have the most effective work planning to perform construction work and assure client of the quality of work;
  • Keeping close relations with contractors through a contract administrator, answering their requests in a time frame that will not affect overall progress of their work;
  • Controlling construction site costs according to project objectives;
  • Keeping up to date with planning and scheduling and reacting in time to any adverse situation;
  • Reporting actual construction progress to provide accurate information to client;
  • Organising an efficient start-up and commissioning team to complete construction with a smooth start-up of the client operations.